Introducing: The Perfect Grind™

Single Serve Coffee Maker​

The perfect cup of coffee isn’t something reserved for coffee shops. It’s something you can have every day with the Beautiful Perfect Grind Single Serve Coffee Maker. Hot or iced. Whole beans or grounds. Choose your size and coffee strength. All without the waste of traditional pods.

  • No watered-down coffee

    Exact-Xtract" technology extracts 2x more flavor*
    *vs Keurig Classic Model #5000068875 using Keurig's Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Medium Roast pods at the 100z brew cup size setting

  • Perfection, brewed daily

    Auto-grinds the precise amount of coffee for any cup size or brew strength

  • No pods, less waste

    Grind fresh whole beans or use pre-ground coffee

Video Tutorials

Explore our video library below to learn more about the Perfect Grind™

video tutorial

How to use the Perfect Grind™

video tutorial

How to program a delayed start

video tutorial

How to clean the Perfect Grind™